M O O D 2.0 || 16 OZ.

M O O D 2.0 || 16 OZ.

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All the M O O D vibes ūüĖ§ This collection features our newest luxury frosted white¬†glass vessel w/ a white washed wood lid - simple and stunning to add to any room for a delicate touch in a much larger vessel, double wicked with burn times of up to 80+ hours

16 ounces of modern beauty, always housed with luxury + creamy white COCONUT wax and paraben/ phthalate free, zero junk oils

Featuring DEEP RED GARNET STONE which is known to be an energizing stone said to remove energetic blocks limiting your vitality, plus how pretty are they even without the cool back story?! 

This is a M O O D 2.0, we are after! 

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